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Day # 4 The start of our 2 day tour to the Grand Canyon, and Breweries in Williams and Flagstaff.

Brews and Views: With an overnight at the majestic Grand Canyon.

Experience the Arizona high country plateau with a beer adventure to the historic towns of Williams and scenic Flagstaff, paired with the amazing Grand Canyon and some of the greatest views on earth during this two full day craft beer tour.  

We will leave our hotel at 7am and begin the beautiful drive north to the high country. You will see the different ecosystems as we go. As we leave Phoenix we will travel through the Sonoran Desert. Home to many different species of Cacti including the Giant Saguaro cactus, which can only be found in the Sonoran desert and reaches heights of 60 feet, weighs up to 4800 lbs. and can live up to 200 years. As we ascend the fauna will change many times. The ecosystems of Arizona are numerous and include Coniferous forest, Grassland, Thorn scrub, Tundra and Temperate deciduous forest, many of which you will see on our Journey north.

You will experience two full days of touring, which include Williams, AZ  an exciting tour of the Grand Canyon National Park and a stop in scenic Flagstaff all paired with great Arizona Craft Beer!

Arizona's wonder of the world is yours on both days with the best Grand Canyon South Rim views, and time on the Navajo Nation's land to enjoy the expert craftsmanship and unique history of the local Native American culture.

Enjoy the Brews and Views Tour with a stop at historic Williams, AZ on historic Route 66. While in Williams we will tour the old train station and enjoy a meal and sample beers from The Grand Canyon Brewery at Cruiser's Café 66. After lunch we will tour the brewery and see where our beer was created.  After our stop in Williams we depart for the Grand Canyon. At approximately 2:00pm your guide will assist you with your hotel check in and you will have the remainder of the day to relax overlooking one of the Natural Wonders of the World.  

You will enjoy the breathtaking views while standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and looking across mile upon mile of amazing rock formations that have helped scientists understand more of our evolution going back millions of years.  While at the Rim of the National Park, you will have opportunities to hike, shop, and capture an unlimited amount of photographs of this truly amazing wonder of the world. I remember the first time I saw it, the hair on my neck literally stood up and I was speechless.

Our overnight stay at the Grand Canyon gives you an excellent chance to explore ancient Native American civilizations that surround you and gaze at the spectacular landscapes that are in abundance in which ever direction you look. As the sun sets the Canyon changes from one color to another with many different shades forming as the sun gets lower and lower.