What is beer tourism or "beer centric" travel?

Beer tourism is no different than culinary or wine tourism, just beer focused. Regnier's Beer Tours (RBT) and Regnier’s American Beer Tours (RABT) organizes small, large and custom group tours with "like minded" people who have a great love of all things beer. We travel to countries around the world attending beer festivals and visiting breweries in popular cities. 

We stay in quality hotels, eat great local-sourced food, and drink wonderful beers. Our itineraries combine a balance of group activities with time on your own to explore and visit.

Who goes on a RBT or RABT trip?

When you decide to travel with us, be assured that everyone on your trip will share some love of great beer.   While most take beer fairly seriously, others are just "along for the ride". 

For the beer lovers, it can be a chance to learn about and taste something new.  For those being "dragged along", it might just be discovered that the beer was better than originally imagined.  Either way, get ready for a wonderful adventure with new friends.

What is life like on a RBT or RABT trip?

Travelers enjoy life and know what goes into a great adventure.  Our itineraries include down time, so there is never a "forced march" from one place to another. 

Sometimes, there are early mornings, but mostly you get this time on your own. You will have plenty of time to pursue your own path and explore a variety of eating and drinking places.  

Is it OK if I arrive early or extend my stay after the tour is complete?

Absolutely! We encourage travelers to enjoy the cities we visit beyond our tour.  All RBT and RABT trips are planned to fit into a regular vacation schedule.  

Is RBT or RABT a travel agency?

We are not a travel agency; we are a specialty tour operator.  However, we do build custom tour packages for groups, so we have ideas and would be glad to discuss your other travel needs. In addition, we work closely with travel agencies and consolidators for air tickets, so let our experience work for you.

What about airfare?

All RBT and RABT packages are "land packages" only.  We do not purchase or supply airfares to participants.  But, the internet provides travelers with countless options for purchasing airfares to destinations.  However, if you would prefer to have us arrange your flights, we are more than happy to do so. We will use our resources to find the lowest cost fares available and tell you of your options.  

We will add a small convenience fee ($50) to each airline ticket when providing this service.  We advise that you do not purchase airfare tickets until your trip is confirmed - generally 60 days prior to departure.

Can I use frequent flyer miles to pay for my trip?

RBT and RABT trips cannot be paid for with frequent flier miles.  Cash, check, credit card and bank transfers are all acceptable methods for payment.  Directions for tour registration and payment can be found under the REGISTER FOR A TOUR tab at the top of the page.

How do I pay for my trip?

Your tour can be paid for at any time. Please complete the Registration and Waiver forms from the website and return by one of the identified methods.  In order to reserve your place, we require a 25% deposit for the tour.  Payment in full must be received no later than 60 days prior to the start of the trip.    

Can I cancel?

You may cancel your tour and the deposit is completely refundable (except for $50.00 processing fee) up to 60 days prior to the tour.   Inside 60 days before your tour, the deposit is non-refundable. 

How much extra spending money should I bring?

This is a matter of personal taste and budget.  It will vary from person to person. We recommend at least $50 a day when traveling internationally.  If you plan to shop and buy presents, or eat a big breakfast, then bring more.

Which beers should I buy?

Options, options, options, there are so many options.  While many of the places we visit may sell beer throughout the world, many of the smaller breweries do not. Their beers can only be purchased at the breweries.   We recommend you ask about product availability at those places you like.

Where do I meet the RBT and RABT staff?

There will always be a "Meet and Greet" on arrival day.  Most often, we will meet in the lobby or bar of the designated first night hotel.  When we have a sponsor, we will meet at a restaurant or a Conference Room in the hotel. 

Regardless of where we meet, there will always be good food and fabulous beer for you to enjoy while getting to know your fellow travelers.